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Born in Ulyanovsk, the homeland of Vladimir Lenin, Dimi has immersed himself deep into Soviet architecture through personal experience. Through tough childhood surroundings and with the use of brutalist buildings and photography, he has creatively translated these moments into his very own language.


"Ulyanovsk is the former old Russian city Simbirsk that is located in the middle of the Volga river, with a vast amount of prisons placed in this area. Since my birth I have been struggling with local culture which had a lot of connections with the prison culture. This reflected onto people around me, such as my classmates who had been dreaming about how to be a gangster. I found that I spent the main part of my youth with a camera, dreaming of my personal exhibition. I eventually started my career working at a professional photo laboratory. Now I have everything that I dreamed of in my childhood. I’m a professional architecture photographer. I have personal exhibitions, I love it that people like what I do in the field of photography".


See more of Dimi's work @DIMINIMAL

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