Italian Duo Andrea Vallisneri and Andrea Casari are the two components that form VII Circle, who are recently bringing some of the most dark and mysterious sounds to Techno. Within a week of release their EP Titan made it's way into Beatport's Techno Top 10 which saw regular play by some of Life & Death's best, and Unbroken which gained remixes from the likes of Locked Groove. 


With the two producers originating from a background of Rock, Indie and Experimental, they've brought together two visions and approaches to music that are very different, coming together to find their own unique form of music production, characterised by a hypnotic and dark flavour. The production of VII Circle can be traced to Deep and Techno, but more generally can find inspiration also in Electronic and Ambient music. Wilderness and shadows give way to electronic sounds without mediation.


We caught up with the two behind the unique sound...



1. Jumping straight in. You have a very distinct, ambient and dark sound bordering on hypnotic. Tell us a bit about your backgrounds, how did you two come to reaching this style of music?


AC - The musical style of Titan EP is a direct consequence of artistic aptitude gained over the years playing , living and listening to many different kinds that it is useless to mention one by one . A large mosaic made of sensations and experiences that inevitably tends to black.

AV - My father was for many years speaker of a local rock radio and as a result I grew up listening to rock music in every facet . After adolescence I went over to electronic music and its derivatives . I was always attracted by the dark and sophisticated sound and consequently when it was time to get in the studio , I tried to convey my closest feeling.

2. You instantly picked up support when Mind Against talked about one of your tracks on a Live Podcast. As soon as we heard it we were hooked and had to find out as much as we could, but at the time they wouldn't drop a hint as to who was behind it. Why did you go so long without revealing your identity, was everything still a work in progress at the time?


First of all we would like to thank the Mind Against for believing in the VII Circle. We decided to reveal the name of the project only when it was necessary. Although, seeing your name written on a poster, a chart or an item is very gratifying, we think that the main goal of producers is simply to contribute to the scene with good music.


3. You've recently released your EP 'Titan' on Stem Records, deservedly making its way into the Top 10 on Beatport's Top 100 Techno releases. How did it all come about?

Practice was the result of great team effort, a collection of specific skills, confidence and determination. However, the fact that the tracks on the EP have been loved and garnered so much attention, for us it was an unexpected surprise. Though the result can be exciting, it's not a point of arrival. We still have a lot to say and we will try to do it to the best of our abilities.


4. Is there anyone out there at the moment who you take influence from?


AV - From my opinion, I think stylistic influences are the results from the music that accompany the growth and musical training of each of us. The dark post-punk scene, and IDM were cornerstones of my personal music tastes. Artists and bands that I feel I have to mention are the Suicide of Alan Vega and Boards of Canada. Regarding the current scene though I would mention Vatican Shadow and Etapp Kyle.


AC - No one in particular. I know you'd expect a list of names of the usual suspects or some unknown artist, but the truth is that I try not to be swayed too much by the artistic proposals of other producers, even though some of them are so visionary and cannot be ignored. I have great respect and admiration for them. Other speech are the stylistic connections, essential to find its place within a music style.


5. What's your aims for the rest of the year? Are you planning on getting on the road more? We'd love to see you play in the UK...


A lot of sound research and trying to push a little further.





Photo's by Janine Billy