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Bill Patrick has used the medium of his trusty old film camera to capture a rare collection of intimate feelings and experiences on his travels DJ'ing across the Globe. Intricate moments shared with the likes of Marcel Dettmann, Guy Gerber & tINI are all shared in this beautiful series. 

"The feeling I get when riding my bike home with newly developed film, not knowing what's on there - could be a roll of garbage shots, blurred and out of focus or there could be a handful of gems. It's an excitement I've been missing lately. On average, I find one, maybe two photos that I love, on a roll of 36. I like that percentage. Keeps you modest. I know there's real professional photographers rolling their eyes right now the same way I do when I see a new DJ pop up outta nowhere. In a way, this helped me relax my judgment and keep me in check. Telling myself: Chill out, loser. You'll be gone before you know it. So just do some shit that makes you happy while you still can". - Bill Patrick

"In 2008, this mythical creature, who by chance was reborn a man, relocated to Berlin. Why? Few know. Some say it was in search of gold, some suggest it was out of self-loathing, those in his inner circle say it was to be closer to them. He says it was to challenge the European state of mind and how sexually active they, as a people, can become. In any event all legend and lore were left behind. So where has that left this man, this nu-romantic? I'll tell you, striving to be more. It doesn't matter that the only place he now plays are mega festivals like Sunwaves in Romania, Outline Festival in Moscow or highly respected clubs like Arma 17, Robert Johnson and Concrete in Paris. Currently touring the globe and vocally enlightening the Universe, Bill still finds time to update his Facebook fan page and send out extremely well written tweets. But he wants to step out of his box and come to you, to educate the minds of the world with his deep, psychedelic take on contemporary dance music. With the help of his unwavering comrades; tINI, Seth Troxler, Guy Gerber, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, he is destined to thrive!" - Seth Troxler for Resident Advisor.

Head to  to see his full collection.


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